picture by Trenton Bentle, RIP

Last week was one of those weeks!!! By the week’s end, I was depleted, emotionally and physically. I was fairly certain that Satan, himself, must have a warrant out for my soul.

An unexpected death in the family started the week with a sadness beyond measure.  Addictive drugs, of any kind, are horrendous, but the heroin epidemic is completely unfathomable.  I just cannot comprehend the desperation that an individual must feel to resort to such measures for the relief of pain, whether it be emotional or physical.  My prayers go up for those in need completely.

Then there were various issues at the gym.  Owning a business and attempting to bring your vision and passion to fruition is probably the single hardest thing I’ve ever done.  This particular week, I’m quite certain that any and all issues that could have arisen, did! And due to the already stressful situation, they were magnified 100-fold within my person.

The week ended just as hard as it began.  And I spent the first part of the weekend feeling sorry for myself and wondering what in the world had I done to deserve this. 

But Sunday morning arrived and it was Easter.  Easter is the one day dedicated throughout the year to remind us that resurrection is possible.  He rose and is alive. It’s a day that represents new beginnings and new hope.  It is the day that reminds us that something wonderful can happen at the end of something so tragic as death, and a brutal death at that. 

I spent that morning in church with my family, watching my granddaughters sing, then gathering at my daughter’s place for a dinner and Easter egg hunt. It was a very good day.

I thought about the messages in the Bible and the promises of love. There are so many valuable phrases and verses that we can carry with us in our hearts to remind us of who we are and to Whom we belong. I remembered reading an article somewhere about a woman who loved the phrase, “And it came to pass” from the Bible. The significance to her was simply that life is fleeting and absolutely nothing stays forever, whether it be good or bad.

I found this to be such a deep and profound thought and so very true!  Did you know that the phrase, “and it came to pass” can be found 2,761 times in the Bible?  Wow! That is some significance.  Let’s think about this for a moment.  The phrase is “it came to pass,” not “it came to stay.”   When we are going through difficult times, it’s so easy to get caught up in THAT moment, but we have to remember, it will pass.  A new day will dawn and a tomorrow will bring us a new set of promises and hope for something better. 

And since we are all about fitness at TriForce, we could use this phrase for those hard fitness days, those days when we didn’t eat quite right or we didn’t get the workout in we had hoped.  Maybe life happened and we just didn’t get it done. 

Regardless of the reasons, what if we ended each day with an attitude of “it came to pass, not to stay”?

What if we held on to the promise of tomorrow and a new resurrected day, a new opportunity to be better, do better, think better?  

What if we were forgiving of those going through their own difficult times and encouraged them to stay the course, because this too shall pass? 

From this day forward, I will hold to the attitude of passing, not staying.  Will you join me? 

Eat better, work harder, love deeper, be kind and know that our most difficult times are fleeting. Because in the end, “it came to pass, not to stay” and that’s good enough for me.