Are you a tortoise or a hare?

Hare – Does a 6 week “challenge.”  It’s an intense program put together by a trainer and she follows it to the letter.  By the end of the challenge, the hare has definitely lost a couple pant sizes, but she is exhausted and everything hurts.  After the 6 weeks, she can breath.  She has finished.  Slowly, the hare starts to let her diet slip, misses scheduled training sessions, and eventually stops going to the gym.  She slides back into her old lifestyle easily enough.  After all, she finished her 6 weeks.

Tortoise – Starts a fitness program that she’s consistent with 3 times per week, makes simple changes to her diet and joins a “tribe” of women at her gym for support and accountability.  This program allows her to move at her own pace.  She does mostly the same things as the hare, but makes incremental improvements over the next 12 months with the guidance of her Health Coach and Group Trainer. She slowly develops habits that transition into a new lifestyle easily enough.  She is in it for a lifetime of health and happiness.

When you’ve figured out ‘who’ you are and your ‘why’ for starting a fitness program, please go to our scheduler and schedule an informational meeting.  We will help you with the ‘how’ and ‘when.’

You don’t have to wait for a New Year resolution, just take one day at a time.