Cute shorts and sundresses are just around the corner and you know what that means?  We have to get out that dreaded razor 😬!   I tend to retire my razor at the first frost and visit it only when absolutely necessary during the cold months.  😂  Then at the first sign of a thaw, I start to think about my legs.  Under all that hair, I envision strong, muscular, non-cellulite, slender legs!  Right?  They are there somewhere. 

The process begins.

Hot bath

Lavender Essential oils ✔

Chamomile Epsom Salts ✔

Satin Care Shaving Gel

Schick Quattro for Women’s Razor ✔

Scentsy Warmer with Vanilla Bean aroma ✔

Chamomile tea ✔

Yes, it’s quite the production!  Afterall, I am unveiling some pretty awesome legs!  Right?!  I worked out faithfully all winter and ate according to my body type and plan. 

Little by little, I chisel away.

“Hmmm, I don’t remember that dimple!”

“From where did that ‘beauty mark’ come?”

“Is that a freckle?”

“Did that scar grow?”

“Wait, what? I don’t remember my legs being this, ummmm, round?!”

But that’s ok, they will look amazing!!!  😏

Upon completion, I walk into the dark bedroom, position myself just right in front of the mirror for the unveiling.  I flip the light and prepare to be amazed by what all my winter workouts had produced. 


Seriously? These were not the legs I had hoped to see.  Where were the muscles?  Hadn’t I lifted, squatted, and lunged my way through the winter.  Shouldn’t my legs be a little more appreciative?  😔 

I stand, stare, turn, examine, repeat!  I do this for HOURS!  Ok, melodramatic! It was just minutes! 

“Hmmmm What’s that?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see it, a line of definition.  Yes!!! If I stand just right, I could see it in my thigh.  Well now, that’s much better.  At an even closer look, if I flex my calves just right, I can see a little definition there.  Not much, minuscule really, but it was something.  I’ll just stand this way all summer, right?  😁  Oh yeah!  I could so do that!

Oh, but that would be exhausting!

I look at my legs again.  Maybe they aren’t that bad.  After all, they could be worse.

Shouldn’t we be grateful for all we have? 

The dimple?  Yes, but it’s smaller than it was last year and not as many ‘dimple friends.’

The “beauty mark’? Yes, but how wonderful it is that I have lived long enough to receive this honor!

The freckle? Yes, just one of many to remind me of my youth.   They’ve been my longtime friends.

The scar? Yes, but it didn’t get larger.  It remains as a reminder for the discolored mole that was removed for biopsy, which was determined non-malignant. 

And what about those ‘round’ legs?  Well, if I were completely honest, I’d say they weren’t really all that round. 

These are MY legs and how thankful I am that they carry me daily.  I use them and I count on them, for walking, hiking, bicycling, lifting, squatting, lunging (notice, I didn’t say running? Sorry, not unless something really bad is chasing me.  LOL, but that’s another blog). 

You see, perfection is an ominous foe disguised as a coveted destination for which we will never arrive.  We are not designed to be perfect.  We are designed to be a continual work in progress, a never-ending vessel of growth.   Each day is a new opportunity to become better than we were yesterday.   There really is no final destination when it comes to our walk on this Earth.  All we have is today.

And today, I proclaim, “YES, I shaved my legs EXACTLY for this?”