I never really knew my father.  I knew who he was, but I never really knew him.  Without going into specifics, let me just say that unfortunate life events prevented us from communicating.

I was raised by my maternal grandmother and a slew of aunts and uncles who I appreciate tremendously.  I guess you could say I was raised by a village.  But I don’t think a village could ever take the place of our parents and there’s something special about that father/daughter  bond.  I know because I see it in my husband and three daughters.  He was and is the father all little girls and young women truly deserve and choosing him to be the father of my children was one of the smartest decicsions I’ve ever made.  He has carpooled, chaperoned, coached, led youth ministries, soothed fevers, dried tears, and provided unconditional love and support.  And today, as young women, if the girls need something fixed, built, or just a listening ear, they know he will always answer the call and they truly believe their Daddy could do anything.  (And it’s true!)

While I will never know this type of relationship, I am so grateful for having seen it through my husband’s relationship with our daughters.  It makes my heart happy to know that my girls will never experience or know that sadness.

So today, TriForce Fitness honors the Daddy.  The men who choose to work hard, love and care for their children with their own hands. Happy Father’s Day to you.   You are appreciated and deserve this day dedicated especially to you.

Please stop in and see us soon!

Namaste, my friends.