Today I got a tattoo!

Let me start from the beginning.  It all began with the royal wedding.  Did I watch?  No, not because I wasn’t drawn into the magic and mystery of royalty or the fairytale of happily ever after, but because I just didn’t want to get up at 4:00 am.  And hey, that’s why I have internet and Google search!

Now I’m not sure who decided that the royals were indeed royal, but someone did and so they are and that makes us common folk quite in awe with their lives.  Do they have the same problems, hopes, dreams, expectations, disappointments, etc… as us commoners?  Probably not exactly the same, but some version, I’m sure.  But let me tell you who does understand the plight of the commoner, Meghan Markle.  How do I know?  Because I’ve read her writings.  According to Meghan, she is neither black nor white, yet both black and white.  She is biracial, her mother is black, her father is white.

And so the dreaded ‘enough’ lie was born.  She wasn’t black enough to be black, but she wasn’t white enough to be white.  So many women are branded with that same lie in various forms. We aren’t pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, tall enough, short enough, rich enough, our waists aren’t small enough, breasts aren’t big enough, face isn’t smooth enough!!  We just simply are not enough.  And we let that define us.  We let the people who put those thoughts or words in our heads determine our paths.   We let them control our destinies.

Meghan refused to be defined by color or the lackof.  Not only is she quite beautiful, she is quite the accomplished woman.  She is an actress, a writer, an entrepreneur, and now she is a princess, every little girl’s dream.  Her wedding gown was probably the simplest I have seen for anyone with royal or celebrity status, yet it was elegant and classy enough for a princess.  Her makeup was natural and her accessories just enough.

So today I got a tattoo!

I got a tattoo in honor of Meghan, all the women who make their way to TriForce Fitness, and lastly, myself.  I got a tattoo to say, “Enough already!”  We are more than enough!  I wear two symbols, a heart and the infinity sign interconnected, and three simple words, “I am enough.”

Ladies, you are enough.  You are more than enough!  You are beautiful!  You are smart!  You are strong!  Whether you need to lose 10 lbs, 100 lbs or just be more healthy.  Whatever your reasons, please be sure that, being enough, is not one of them.  When you walk through our doors, and I hope you do, do it for you!   Whatever you decide to change about yourself, do it for you!

And repeat after me, “I love myself until infinity because  I AM ENOUGH!”

Peace my friends!

I hope to see you soon.