Today is a day totally devoted to mothers and that means something different to each mother dependent upon her season.   For mothers with young children or teenagers, we like to think it means a day off (hopeful thinking perhaps).   To moms with grown children, it may mean a day of visits and thoughtful gifts (we love this).  To moms who have experienced the loss of a child, it may be a day of sadness (please know you are loved).  To non-traditional moms, it may mean a day of reflection (a day of blame game, don’t do this).

For me, personally, I love the day off approach.  🙂  Yesterday, my daughters (minus one adventurer) visited me, along with their awesome families.  They brought flowers and a beautiful card with a picture of an apple snack drawn by my litte granddaughter (apparently Mimi looks like she needs a snack, ummm, No!).  They made me dinner, we took the grandbabies to the park, and then had ice cream cake (I know, not on the plan!!).  Except for the fact that my middle daughter wasn’t here, it was quite the perfect day.  And today, I sit on the sofa writing this in my jammies, yes!!!!   I have had a lovely breakfast, (made by wonderful hubby), coffee and watched a movie (School of Rock, cute little story about non-traditional teaching methods, blog for another day).  I will make a visit to my Mom and pretty much take the remaining day off (for as much as the workaholic within me will allow, smh).

Now you may be asking, “What does this have to do with fitness?”  It has everything to do with fitness!  Being healthy and living a happy life is more than the physcial care of our bodies, while that’s important, it’s about nurturing the spirit and internal emotions, self-care, self-love, and appreciating our own efforts in this chaotic life, regardless of our individual season.  We are not required to compete with anyone, it’s not our job to worry about what others think of us in our season, it’s only our job to be better at being us.  And we can only do that if we nurture the whole self.

So my dearest moms, whatever this day means to you, do it, enjoy it, embrace it, no judgement here!  Be you, be fit, be happy, be healthy, inside AND out.   And know that we, at TriForce Fitness, honor and support you!

Namaste, my friends.